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Digital Economy and Innovation Theory

Video: Digital Economy and Innovation Theory
In 1990, we talking about new economy new economy not depend on the demand and supply All we talking about basic economy the econmy quite depend on the information technologies But in this century, the start technologies, the disruptive technology totally change the world And we going to the new age of digital economy
the book called Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence is the best seller by Don Tapscott in 1995 He talking about the Digital Economy and Internet Economy his word is about Listen to the Net Generation for they represent the workplace of the future In the future, the new generation especially the new generation who were born after the year 2000 they change the world they grow up with the mobile phone、 they do the homework by internet And they also speaking English learning English since kindergarten I think also in China in southeast Asia child some common In the digital economy the Cisco forecast that if we equip the cities with the very high speed broadband could help GDP growth direct GDP growth is about 1.1% by the technology treating technology investment and indirect +3.5% for example the tourism in the tourist destination cities And also new job, the employment rate increase 1.1% and also the people if they have information by the mobile phone the very high speed internet video voice they have a better employment
For the human development index of United Nation the development of the human classify into the three obligator The first is the net income they can increase the income and can reduce the cost Yes, for the net profit Secondly, they build up the knowledge can acquire the knowledge can apply the knowledge in the better way And the last one, they take care of themselves in term of health and live expectancies of the people The United Nation UNDP also ranking from the developed country to underdeveloped country even for example Thailand we number 93 Even we have 4G have everything but the utilization of the very high-speed broadband is still low in the industry business or in the education
Today, especially in China the big company no longer competitive than the small company Small but beautiful and now we are talking about the supply-side structural reforms try to improve input the factor of the SMB in every sectors The input factor including the factor about land, factors,about labor,skill labor and skill labor, factors the capital, the technology investment and the last one is much become more and more important on entrepreneur To make the big profit to get rich very fast to start now within one year or something like that Set up with that in one year And the outcome try to,today we try to find factor and create the policy strategy of project to improve those factors The technology like big data can help in doing the policy researches
For the factors of the production including land Land is for rent cause and labor for wages and capital for interest and enterprenur to make great profit for the new initiative, big initiative
And for the innovation and entrepreneurship We base on the S curve theory all the distractive creative destruction theory of Schumpeter’s We can collect the data for the SMB innovation by the Oslo Manual the old small company they were new product they were new product new process、 new market new supply material and new organisation new partnership with the others And in today the SMB is the major development major factor for the economy development and of the country not only China but also in Europe in southeast Asia For example, in Thailand we have the all S curve economic development in the past 20 years For example we were very good in cultural tourism very well-known around the world But today the S curve already finished we need the new.
We need to establish a new S curve in the wellness tourisms And also in future about medical tourism and some above aviation helps will be the area which is the area in the future

Let’s take a look at the digital economy, human development index, and innovation theory.

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