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Smart Tourism in the 21st Century (1)

Video: Smart Tourism in the 21st Century
On the most hub global destination cities in 2017, number of tourists, number of visitors, the top one is Bangkok 19 million mainly because of the ten million Chinese tourists come from the large city in China. Direct fly to Bangkok and also some direct fly to Pattaya, to Chiang Mai ,to Phuket as well. And London 19 million visitors between in Europe and America. And for the Paris the center of Europe is that of 50 million follow by the aviation help B to B in Europe and Asia and also would geteway to north America south America. And Africa is 14 million and Singapore is the half for Asean is the 20 million as well.
For the GDP creating, Dubai is the top destination for tourists are spend largest among city in the world. And for the growth the GDP growth, Osaka is the grow in by tourism most and Osaka today is the city in number 17th by overall .And Miami is also emerging market for the GDP growth. Making money a lot. And for Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur is a kind of work and place destination the business man come to visit it and traveling as well. For the Koreanor ,food are doing very well. And for shopping may leave from China and Asean is so Tokyo and Osaka for long staying. Pairs, they can travel well around Pairs.
And also Milan and Rome in Italy to move around by the mass transit .Milan and London you can take under crowds around And also Singapore and Hong Kong have very good mass transit system can do a lot of tourists to do a lot of shopping, and get around to museum, to park, to many where in the cities, it can distribute the tourists very well in the cities.
And for the 21th century global network civilization, the smart tourism enhances all the pre-experience, experience and the post-experience of the tourists by the mobile communication.
For the pre-experience today the digital investigation platforms, there are many many platforms are valuable for the tourists to gain the pre-experience and to book also the big magazine chanel. The new product ,new business model, the optional more medium ,tourism enterprise, and they can discovery the operates by big data service, like from Google, from You Tube you can optional can find some magazine information. And also can develop the shop, the outlet on the platforms, on the electronic platforms. The platforms are valuable on the web and on the mobile application. And also can diffuse, can promotion by social network. For example like Facebook, like YouTube, something like that, and also can start up many findings, like cloud finding, like K-start.
You don‘t need to have the finish product, you can sell your idea and people support you to make the product, rather than built a factory first make things so afterward。 And you can keep connect to your customer by the platforms.For example, Alibaba sold 80 000 liulian food in one minute, they can get access to more than 400 million customers in China. That can make the innovation happen within 1 minute that this is the people not get experience the liulian but they already buy the liulian already.
And for the experience, when the tourist come to destination like Chiang Mai we have one million Chinese tourists, everybody comes with a mobile phone with a smart phone. This called SOLOMO, and the FinTech is the key technic society. Because today the American or European they use credit card.For the Chinese, they use like Alibaba shut pay the FinTech become more and more important for spending, for hotel, for restaurant, for card rent, also for the given souvenirs. In Chiang Mai we are small city, small destination and number of tourists Chinese tourists, they get around by SOLOMO stand for the social, they come by social network like WeChat group, like Chiang Mai time is a big WeChat group.
That have people around 40 000 aquire the information travel information all the time the place to exchange information in the city and local everybody have like Google Map and like Baidu map to travel around, to find restaurant, find some Point of interest by the map. And by the mobile application, mini mobile application, especially the sell magazine, and the payment by Alipay ,WeChat pay and SIM card is the must for the tourists, when they come they change the sim card to the Thai system to the Thai SIM card, and they can get access to the internet locally and also do the payment back home via internet。 And for the tourism destination, they can establish like the DMO, destination management organization.
That help single information for the tourists, and also around 1 million of the Chinese tourists from around 20 cities. They can find the top 200 SME like 200 top ten hotels ,top ten restaurant, top ten spa and massage. We can recommend and premium also attend things, we can held the traditional one to go online, and we can held the new up to increase the tourists. And we can bring more the B&B of the destination, like Chiang Mai to rebrand the Chiang Mai by the products and services. And By the trail Chiang Mai helps around five six trails can spend a whole week in Chiang Mai on the different trials a day.
And also some festival like work club festival, like water festival, like ten festival, that very famous. This we can find the B&B try to bring more the of the Chiang Mai by the smart tourism.

We have a chance to sit down with Professor Nopasit Chakpitak again will provide us with more interesting insights on smart tourism.

While watching, you may wish to make notes about any points you find interesting about what Professor Nopasit Chakpitak has covered so far.

What’s the most interesting did you find about Smart tourism? Are we all becoming smart travelers?

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