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Drug packaging and labelling

At the end of this course, you will design a medication bag, so in this program, I will give a short introduction about drug bags and labels in different medication distribution system. Proper drug labeling is an important component of safe medication system because it identifies the medication. Although in the past when the Floor Stock System began to be adopted, people might not pay attention to drug labeling, proper drug labeling is still needed on bulk containers. Essential information including drug names, strength, and dosage form should be presented on big containers, so nurses can recheck the drugs when they prepare medications according to prescriptions.
In Patient Prescription System, a patient-specific containers is used by pharmacists. So the labels on the patient-specific containers should include patient information such as patient name, ward number, sex, and age and so on. Pharmacists can dispense and put medications in patient-specific containers in various ways depending on the hospital’s policy. For example, in our hospital, we adopt Patient Prescription System in emergency pharmacy. For each medication prescribed to the patient, pharmacists put medications to specific medication bags as patient-specific containers, which identify both patient information and drug information such as drug name, dose, frequency, dosage form, and quantity. For unit dose package, because one package is for one dose, drug label could include dispensing date and beyond use date, and more detailed information.
This picture shows the unit dose package in our pharmacy. On this package, it is printed on patient’s name, sex, age, ward, and bed number, doctor number, dispensing date, drug name, dose and frequency, administration route, quantity, and drug class, for this medication is cephalosporin. And short description about drug appearance, for this drug is orange capsule with ST008 logo, and expiration date. And a barcode is printed on it, nurses can scan the barcode and read drug information and complete medication administration record. In conclusion, with time progress, the pharmacy medication distribution systems have changed, no matter what distribution systems is used, several requirements must be demanded.
The first is that pharmacists must always care about how to maintain the quality of drug use in hospitals to make sure patients receiving the right drug at the right time in the right way. This means that pharmacists need to take parts in implement a suitable medication distribution system to prevent drug related problems, reduce medication errors and waste, minimize adverse drug events, and ensure that drugs maintain potency through appropriate storage and management. In addition, pharmacists must apply a system that is efficient in better drug use control. Finally, the medication distribution systems must always meet the needs of patients, physicians and nurses.
Therefore, the systems need to reduce the workload and make it more convenience in the medication use process in order to enhance patient outcomes. This is the brief introduction of the medication distribution system. Thank you for your attention.

Drug labels, packaging, and activity conclusion.

Ms Chou briefly explains the design rationale behind drug bags and labels. Depending on the distribution system, the information on drug packaging may vary slightly. However, it is crucial that the essentials are presented to minimize errors. She also concludes this activity with the basic requirements every distribution system must satisfy.

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