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Creating Tasks from Email

In this video, Graham shares a time-saving tip to create tasks from an email.
People often use stars in Gmail  to act like a task or a to-do list   but did you know you can actually create  tasks from your email, i’ll show you how here.
We’re going to use the app  launcher to open up Gmail   and there are a few different ways to create a  task in Gmail one is to select a particular email   and then head up to the three dots and choose add  to tasks, another way is to open up the email and   again from the three dots at the top from there  you can choose add to tasks, when you do that task   will open and it will create a task for you with  the subject of the email as the task text you can   customise that text so you can rename the task and  you can add in additional details.
As with other   tasks you can add a date and time and subtasks  but what’s different with this task is that it   has a link to an email and that can link straight  back to the email that was used to create it.
Another way that you can add an email to a  task is by dragging an email to the tasks panel   just like you would drag an email to a label  you can actually drag it into the tasks panel   on the right hand side when you release a  task is created with a link to that email  
and just like before you can edit the  text of the task and if you like you can   add in the extra details, now where this is  really useful is if you’re in your calendar   so we can use the app switcher, let’s go to  calendar you can schedule a task that’s been   created from an email just by dragging it onto  your calendar and then when you click on the   task in your calendar you can view the related  email and you can also do that from the task,   when you click on that link it opens up  Gmail and takes you straight to the email   that was used to create the task so that can be  really helpful if you created a task from an email   but since received lots of other emails and  find it difficult to find the specific details.
So Google Tasks is a fairly simple application   but its integration with Gmail and the  calendar make it really really effective.

You can use Google products such as Gmail and Google Tasks in the same window. This helps you increase productivity without switching between tabs.

For example, whilst in Gmail if you wished to assign an email as a Task, you can use the option “Add to Tasks” to perform that action quickly and effortlessly.

For more information please visit this support page:

Putting it into Practice

Create a task from an email using either the three dots, or by dragging to the Tasks panel.

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