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How to Set Up Google Ads from Your My Business Dashboard

In this video, Joshua will show you how you can set up and run profitable local ads from your GMB dashboard.
<v ->Welcome back. So as you can see, I’m now in my Google,</v> my business dashboard, and you’re probably a little bit familiar with all this stuff already, as we’ve gone through it, we’ve got posts, info, insights, reviews, and so on, and so on. However, down here we have an option to create an ad. So let’s give that a click. create an ad, And as you can see, it’s gonna open a new tab and it’s gonna give me three different options. When the page loads any second, So there we have, what is your main advertising goal? Get more calls, get more website sells or signups, or get more visits to your physical location.
So for me, it’s gonna be, get more calls. It’s probably gonna be this for majority of you guys as well. So let’s give, get more calls, a click, and then go to next. Where are your customers? So now Google is asking me, where are my customers base? So you can actually go to set up a radius around your business, your business addresses is obviously based on your GMB listing. So I can target every customer in a 50 mile radius around Richmond, or I can lower that, you know, say a 10 mile radius, even nine, make it really really granular.
Or I can go super wide and say, I wanna to 31 mile radius around the whole of Richmond, which means my ad is gonna be visible to all of these people in the wider areas as well, However, I don’t like to do that, I like to get really specific and target people just in my city. So instead of just targeting a radius like that, getting smaller and smaller, what you can actually do is go to this option right here. Give that a click, and then you can see it’s got Richmond there, which is based on my location of the actual business.
You can actually add more locations in here as well, So maybe you can add another town in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe you can add something like this, Short Pump, which is a little bit up here and you can see, so you can see it’s now colored in on the map. However, I always recommend start with just your city as you wanna start in a smaller end and make sure your campaign is really niched down. So you don’t attract clicks that are too far out from your business. So let’s take away Short Pump and just leave Richmond for now, so once you’re happy with that, you can also see Google give you your potential audience size, pretty good, let’s go to next.
So now you can see Google is asking me to target your ads relevant to Google searches. So essentially these are the keywords I wanna bid on. So I’ve got carpet installer, I’ve got carpet sells, commercial carpet installation, residential. So again, what you wanna do is add in the services you offer, so for me, I’m gonna leave mine just as carpet installer now, however, if you have any more services, go ahead and add them in here. Maybe like wood floor installation.
Right there, that could be a pinch or another service. However, like I said, I wanna keep things pretty basic. I don’t wanna go too far and too detailed into Google ads as this is obviously not a Google ads course. So let’s just remove that one, leave it as carpet installer, and then click next. And now I need to compose my ad. So Google has actually very conveniently, already auto populated all the fields. However, if it hasn’t, what you wanna do is just go in here and put some information. So, the headline is obviously the main headline at the top. There is three options for three different headlines, headline one, two, and three.
You wanna make it appealing, as people actually click over to your ad. However, in this scenario, we have experienced carpet installer. That is a pretty good text to have in your ad. Then we’ve got a second headline of Level-Finish, which is our brand name. Then we have a headline three work in Richmond. You probably can make this a little bit better, Something like this, I would say, that carpet installer, or maybe put reliable in there as well. Let’s put up front. Reliable carpet installer, I’ve got five more spaces left.
I’ll leave that as fine, reliable carpet installer and I’ll put headline two, I’ll put to servicing Richmond so people know this ad is definitely targeted to them as they see it. And for the last bit I put maybe trusted by hundreds of customers. So that’s obviously if I have a hundred customers, for example, but you know, the reason I’ve gone for this is because I’m reliable. So it’s what people wanna see. I’m servicing Richmond, which is the city the person is gonna be in, and I have a trust element there saying trusted by hundreds of customers.
So again, this isn’t a course on Google ads and you know, copy but just to give you an idea, you wanna make sure you convey trust, why people should pick you and also let in their way of servicing as well. Just to give them more of an incentive to go over to your ad, so description is just the little part right here, so again, you can make this suit, your company. So currently Google has given me professional and cost effective carpet installation. Cool, for a quote today, and description two says, “Let a skilled and competent team install your carpet, visit us in Richmond”. So I’m gonna take out this last bit as I don’t want anyone to visit me.
Typically, if you want your carpet installed, you call someone and they visit your home. So I’m gonna just remove that bit, now I replaced that with, top (indistinct) installer, like, so that’s a bit better and then click on your ads and go to, so now when someone clicks your ad, so the texts up here or any bit below there, they’re gonna actually go on your URL. So as this ad is all about carpet installation, I wanna make sure they go to my carpet installation page. I don’t wanna them to go to my home page as my homepage covers every type of floor we install.
So if I go back to up here and type in What I gonna do is go to my carpet installation page and grab that URL, which is this one right here, go back to the campaign and then go enter a webpage address, paste in my carpet installation, and then click enter, done click next.
I don’t typically do this part, so you can actually set up phone calls from your Google ads, so sometimes if you’re on a mobile, you can have the icon there, give it a click, and then people will call you the cost per click is pretty different for this as well. However, just to give you a bit of background why I don’t add this option, it’s mainly because these types of ads perform better in emergencies. So example, if your sink is blocked and maybe you own a plumbing business, you might wanna bid on a keyword, such as sink unblocking emergency or something like that, you know, then type your keywords.
Type in keywords that have an intent behind them, which are all about emergency and I need things done as soon as possible. Those ads typically convert better as when people wanna call you, it’s more of an emergency. So for my ads, I like to direct people to my website. They can see my services and then pick up the phone and give me a call, so for this, I’m gonna click next.
and now we set our budget. So this is the amount you want to spend per day or per month, so you can spend whatever amount you want. I always recommend starting off really small, maybe you do two pound a day, five pound a day, whatever you can afford, start with your budget and with a budget that works for your business’s goal. So for me, I’m gonna go into your own budget here as 18 pound per day is a little bit too much for me into your budget. And I’ll go for five pound per day and you can see Google actually give you a bit more information. So your typical competitor budget range is actually up here.
So the average people I’m competing with and average companies, they spend an average of 13 pound a day, and the companies that are spending the most spend roughly 47 pound a day. So again, you know, don’t be put off by this just because the average company is spending 13 pound a day. It doesn’t mean you need to spend that. So I’m gonna go ahead and do what suits me, which is five pound, click set budget. And then click next.
Actually, I just wanna go back one step and just show you one thing I didn’t actually show here. So as you can see, I put in my budget of five pound per day, which is obviously 152 pounds max per month. And you can see, it gives me a bit of information about my budget and how many people I can reach. So it’s telling me if a five pound per day budget, I can reach an estimated of 2,510 people to 4,250 people and get 50 to 90 clicks per month. So essentially five pound a day will give me roughly 50 to 90 clicks, so again, that’s pretty decent.
Again, if you wanna get more leads or more inquiries, obviously you up your daily budget, but again, it all comes down to what suits you and what suits your business goal. So let’s go back to the other page and click next. So on this page, this is kind of the last overview page where you get to review your campaign, give your campaign a suitable name, So reliable carpet installer, that is fine for now. Again, just giving another overview of the estimated performance. My campaign goal is obviously to get more calls for my business, this is my ad. I have the call icon there, Anyway.
I’ve got my budget and I’ve got my maximum monthly budget as well, you can see it says you’ve added phone calls to your ad to receive verified calls, again, if you didn’t want that, you can actually edit and actually remove that anyway. It’s completely up to you what you wanna do. I’ll click next and the next stage will be billing, so on the last page, it’s all about your payment information. So we add your credit card or debit card to ensure every time someone clicks your ad, the money can come out and Google can collect that amount of money without any issue. So once you do that and fill that in you click submit and your ad will be live.
However, I won’t click submit, it’s just to show you guys how you set up an ad. So hopefully you found that useful do bear in mind, this course isn’t a course on Google ads. It’s on Google my business. I just wanted to Chuck it in here as within your GMB dashboard, you do have the option to create an ad, so I know a lot of you are gonna wanna create ads. So that’s exactly how you did it. Hope you found it useful.

Local ads are extremely powerful and effective when set up correctly and is not something that should be overlooked.

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