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Studying medicine at university

A current medical student shares what is it like to study medicine at the University of Leicester
Hi. So I’m Lenie. And I’m a second year medical student here at the Uni of Leicester. So I’ve just nearly finished my second year and I’ve loved it so far. It’s been so amazing. So to tell you a little bit what it’s like here at Leicester. Just remembering that every medical school is different, but this is what it’s like at Leicester. So say a typical day. So in phase one, which is basically your first and second years– that’s what we call it here at Leicester– you basically, every day, will have two hours of lectures. So you’ll learn about something. You’ll get taught about it. And then two hours of group work.
So that’s when basically you get given questions about what you’ve just learned in the lectures and some case studies as well. So that’s basically a story about a fake patient and you have to say what you would do, answer questions about it. So that’s what you do in group work. And there’s someone there, like a teacher, basically, there to help you with that and help you if your group has any problems to tell you the right answers and just to help you out and make sure you understand everything fully. So it really helps you learn and remember exactly what was in the lectures so that you can commit it to memory and understand it fully.
And then you also have some human dissection as well in your first two years. So basically, that’s going down into you got a dissection room in one of the buildings. And people basically donate their body to the uni so that you can help learn anatomy by being in the dissection room and using the cadavers to basically help learn all of the different areas in your body. And it’s a really useful resource. Which might take a little bit of getting used to at first, but it’s something that’s really good and not every uni does it. So it’s really good to be able to visualise things and experience it in real life.
And then for phase two, which is your third, fourth, and fifth year, basically, you’re going to be based in a hospital all the time, or a GP. So it’s going to be placement all the time, basically, and you learn by work and helping out, following doctors around. And it’s really hands on experience. I’m really excited for that, because everyone says it’s so much fun. And it’s really different to phase one as well, but it’s a really good way to learn too. So I’m really excited for that, which is still to come. So the best thing about studying medicine for me is just that it’s so, so interesting.
There’s so many things that you learn about that you had no idea about. And also, just the people here at Leicester are so nice. So everyone on my course and all the lecturers really nice and really helpful, and it just makes it enjoying. It was welcoming from the start. And it’s just a really nice atmosphere and helps you get your work life balance right as well. So for the social side of things, people often say that in medicine you don’t have time to socialise, which is not true at all. It’s really about a balance. You have to just manage your time right, basically. So at uni, there’s loads of different societies that you can join.
And they’re basically just groups where it’s either sports or say you can have like cooking society, math society. Just anything basically that you’re interested in, there will be a society for what you can join. And it’s just a really good way of meeting new people, especially people that don’t do medicine as well, because it’s nice to make friends with everyone. And if there’s not a society for what you’re interested in, basically, you can just make your own. So it’s great.

Each medical school will teach medicine slightly differently, so it’s really important that you do your research and choose a medical school that suits your learning style.

Watch this short video to hear from Lenie, a current medical student at the University of Leicester, who will share with you more information about what is it like to study medicine at the University of Leicester.


In the video, Lenie talks about how at university you can join different societies to help you meet new people, as well as allow you to explore your hobbies and interests. Think about a hobby that you currently have. What skills has this allowed you to develop that you think may be needed to work in healthcare? Share your thoughts in the comments area.

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