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Health and Wellness Trends

Video session on Health and Wellness Trends by our expert at Cesar Ritz Colleges
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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This quote is often attributed to Hippocrates the Greek, the ancient Greek physician. We can’t find this exact quote in his writings but it does illustrate the importance that the ancient Greeks gave to eating a healthy diet and how they knew that that also impacted their well-being. It’s not so different nowadays. Nutritional science is still a growing a relatively new science. If we look at this Vitamins, they were discovered and named by Casimir Funk back in 1912, and nutritional science continues to evolve. We are also, as we are living longer, we are also putting more and more emphasis on our health and well-being and realizing the importance of a healthy diet.
Our knowledge regarding the impact of a healthy diet on our physical health, but also on our mental health and well-being continues to grow. And one of those areas is in this particular area, our gut health books like Julia Enders’ book the “Gut” has really helped the lay person understand the importance of the gut microbiome. That’s it that colony, enormous colony of microbes that live in your gut. Research is indicating that the diversity of that microbiome actually helps us to maintain a healthy body and also a healthy mind. And with that, we see the development of lots of what we call pro-, pre-, and postbiotics. Foods that actually helped to feed that gut.
One of the problems with our modern lifestyle, is actually our food, can be diets can be quite restrictive. We choose just particular foods that we like to eat all the time. What we’re seeing is a diverse range of different foods actually helped to create a diverse colony of microbes in our gut. And that helps to keep us healthy. So this market for foods actually will feed those colonies is incredibly important because of the stress of modern lifestyles, the toxins that might be in our environments the use of antibiotics, these microbes, the microbiome these microbes in our guts are often quite restricted. We need to have a wide variety and we see products like this. Some of them are rather delicious.
We have lots of pre- and postbiotics lots of bifidus yogurts with active live cultures. Let’s try that one. Okay We have the trend. We’ve seen lots of fermented drinks, drinks like Kombucha appearing which also have those active cultures. How’s that one? <v ->That’s nice.</v> <v ->Good. And then we also have, of course those natural foods</v> those onions and apples, asparagus and garlic that are also pre- and probiotics that will help to develop that healthy gut.

The history of Nutritional Science is key to understand in what direction is the nutrition world evolving and the factors that have launched this transformation, watch this video and learn more about nutrition :

• Evolution

• Impact on physical and mental health

• The gut has become the focus of study

• Pro, pre, and post biotics

• Combating our stressful environment and lifestyle

• Fermenting drinks and other new food supplements

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