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Watch our video overview on How to become a restaurant owner
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<v ->Hello, welcome to this amazing place</v> that I love. This is a fine dining that we have on our campus. If you look closely around you, you’ll see detail, you’ll see high level fine dining elements, fashion expertise, professionalism, and I’m sure that when you think of your future business this is what you want to achieve. Fashion, great quality, outstanding customer experience. Well, let me tell you, you’re not there yet. You might not even get there one day. Follow me now.
Well, it didn’t work, bankruptcy. The magic didn’t work, didn’t get the customers, not enough profits, just, and here we are. You have to deal with this mess now. You have to kill the thing properly, your own baby, your own idea. Let me tell you this happened to me, my first business failed. I lost time, money, and self-esteem, it was painful. Luckily I rebounced. However, try to avoid this, I advise you to. So, Larry Winget said something like, “Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, lazy or stupid. Those things happens when you don’t have a plan.” This course is designed to deliver you with the plan, the tools and the mindset to have a fantastic business. Welcome on board.

In this video, you will watch an overview of the learning outcomes of this course; what are the influencing factors that can make or break your career as a restaurant business owner, what are the skills and mindset are required to succeed

  1. Passion, expertise, and professionalism: these are your goals, together with Great quality and Outstanding customer experience

  2. Bankruptcy: failure, how to avoid it

  3. We will guide you on how to design your Plan, Features, and mindset to succeed

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How to Open a Restaurant

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