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The Love Index Design

What do people consider Love in digital services? Watch the interpretation of love for a product or service by Fjord Love Index Design
(gentle music) We live in a culture of liquid expectations where each new and amazing product or experience instantly becomes the standard to which all others are compared. And in this culture, the consumer’s relationship with brands and technology matters more than ever. It’s no longer enough to create something that people will like. You have to build an experience people will love. But love is complex. People define and describe love in a million different ways. <v ->It’s only for one function</v> but it does that function really, really well. <v ->Because I collected everything I like into one place.</v> <v ->Because it’s many websites in one.</v>
<v ->Easy to use, gives me all the information I need.</v> <v ->Convenience of having basically your bank in your pocket.</v> <v ->It is very easy to use, quick one-stop shop.</v>
<v ->Small and very comfortable, a good design.</v> <v ->Because it matches with my style.</v> <v ->I don’t know why, but I like it.</v> (upbeat music) Trying to understand these complexities to make them actionable in a way for brands and companies to use is what led to the award-winning research and a radically new system for measuring love. We call it The Love Index. Design experts from Fjord and quantitative researchers from Accenture worked together for more than 18 months to understand what makes people love digital services and what sustains that love. This led to a multi-country study involving over 26,000 participants with results that are both reliable and repeatable across all brands, industries and in every country.
From there, we derived a proprietary and weighted algorithm that reveals brand love through five key dimensions. Together they spell FRESH. Fun holds people’s attention in an entertaining way. Relevant makes it easy to find clear and customized information. Engaging identifies with people’s needs and adapts to their expectations. Social helps people to connect with each other. Helpful simplifies tasks and organizes certain aspects of life. (upbeat music) The Love Index analyzes this feedback. To put it on a graph, it looks like this. Each dimension highlights where companies are over or underperforming relative to their competitors, instantly revealing patterns and opportunities within their industry. Let’s take a look at a few examples. This is the retail industry and these different colors represent actual brands.
No surprises that relevant, engaging and helpful are the most important dimensions when people talk about loving a retail brand whether it be in store, online or a combination of both. But look at the opportunity to differentiate in social. Could this be a potential area for disruption? Could another company focus on the social side of online retail and completely redefine the shopping experience? Next, let’s take a look at the banking industry. Here we can see that people most value a bank that’s relevant, engaging and helpful. Instantly observable is the fact that fun and social are not of core importance to users. This could prompt a bank to reallocate its resources towards the dimensions that yield greater returns.
Lastly, this is the shape of the hospitality industry and one brand is leading the way in every dimension. Certainly good news for the top performer and illuminating for other hospitality brands interested in designing new services that meet people’s changing expectations. Many companies place a great deal of value on the net promoter score which simply asks would you recommend this product? Yes or no. The love indexes five fresh dimensions compliment the NPS by providing a precise corollary between the two. It also delivers deep insights and prioritized actionable metrics. Most importantly, it can be applied to every brand, product and industry, digital or physical.
Through its unique focus on putting love at the center of user-centered design, The Love Index radically transforms the design and innovation process. Fjord, let’s make some love together. (upbeat music)

Watch this introduction to the Love Index design and how this analysis can help you to identify a business opportunity and areas of innovation.

• What do people consider Love in digital services?

• The interpretation of love for a product or service: Fjord Love Index Design

• 5 Key dimensions: fun, relevant, engaging, social, helpful

• Analysing fields love index pattern will show gaps and opportunities to innovate

• Actionable metrics

With all the insight gained into your customer’s preferences and business concept opportunities, take the next step and learn to design a differentiating and unique menu.

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