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A career in games development

In this video, journalist and writer Chella Ramanan talks to video games developers.
Welcome to How to Start a Career in the Video Games Industry. Before we get started, I’m going to hand over to some of the UK’s leading developers to talk about their experiences. They’re each going to answer a question. Why don’t you see if you can guess what question they’ve been asked. I never expected to be working in the games industry. It’s not an industry I thought I had potential to work in, but I was always drawn to creative industries. And once I got a foot in the door, not working in development support functions, I could see the teams, how passionate they were, how united they were.
And I just wanted so badly to be a part of that force and that machine that was making something together. Working with the people that I work alongside every day is so inspiring. When we have things like our studio updates where the game devs actually get an opportunity to showcase their work and showcase the products that we’re actually developing, it’s at that point where I am just in awe of the creativity and the talent, and just the technical brilliance of the people that I work alongside every day. I’ve always been a game player. I’ve always enjoyed playing video games ever since I was a kid. I was drawn into creating things.
I was very passionate about being able to create things. I like creating order out of chaos. Yeah, I think I’d probably say the same thing, just the creative chaos and the problem-solving element of making that form into something ,you know, potentially millions of people are going to enjoy. Yeah, exactly. It’s exactly that. The fact that every day is different in that respect as well. Yeah. I could create worlds and they became real. I could take a player on an emotional connection and have a lot of fun with it. And I feel like the video games industry gave that to me. Well, for me, it was I kind of always knew I wanted to work in something to do with art.
And the game industry was just pretty big. It seems pretty strong. There’s big studios kind of all over the UK, so it wasn’t that you have to work in London or something. So that was a big appeal for me. Don’t know about you guys. Yeah, I think it’s just a general love of games. And it’s nice to know that wherever you’re working, people are also interested in games, and you can talk to anyone about anything that you’re interested in, really. Which helps a lot, and it’s just nice.
It’s a nice creative field because you can also get stuck in some programming jobs where it’s just like, oh, you can maintain this product for 30 years, but it’s always very creative, which is nice. Yes. Yeah, and for me it was also just like a love of games. I think that’s what gets most people started. You’re like, I really love this thing so much, like how can I be a part of that?

So you want to be a video games developer? Excellent!

You just heard from some developers answering questions.

What do you think they were being asked?

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How To Start Your Career In Games Development

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