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Week 2 overview

Short video from lead educator – David D’Souza - giving an overview of the week and welcoming people to week 2 in a friendly way.
Hello and welcome to week 2 of your HR Fundamentals course, my name is David D’Souza still and congratulations for completing the first week of the course. It’s been absolutely fantastic to see so many of you contributing, and starting to explore what’s a really fascinating topic and I hope a really useful one for you already.
In week two we’re going to be looking in a bit more detail actually about the value of HR, and what it means to be an HR professional, so we’ll talk about the principles of the profession, we’ll talk about how you can utilise data, we’ll talk about how HR is seen, so the perception of it, and we’ll talk about some case studies of where it’s really made a difference to organisations, so all I’d like you to do this week as well as continuing all that great work in the community, is to just tell us how things are going for you and what you’re looking forward to for the rest of the course.
Have a great week and I look forward to speaking to you next week. Thank you.


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Well done for completing week 1 and welcome to week 2 of the HR Fundamentals course.
How was Week 1? It is great to see the confidence levels improve as we go through the course and your comments about what you are looking forward to this week.

About week 2

This week we are going to explore the impact that HR can have on an organisation and its people. We’ll also learn about the benefits HR brings when it is done well, and we’ll be hearing case studies from HR leaders.
We’ll look at how HR has evolved too, and the principles of great HR.
We’ll also look at the importance of using evidence to build a business case for action in HR and how the kind of data many organisations already hold will help you be effective in your role.
Let’s go!
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HR Fundamentals

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