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Chinese food is delicious

Today we are going to learn how to talk more about Chinese food – 中国菜。

Have you tried Chinese food before?

New words

菜 cài dish, cuisine

做 zuò to make/produce

做菜 zuò cài to cook

好吃 hǎochī delicious

Affirmative form 好吃;Negative form 不好吃

很 hěn very, quite

Language points

“很”can be used before an adjective to emphasise the extent of the adjective. For example: 很好、很好吃

In Chinese, when the adjective describes the nature or state of somebody or something, it usually following the adverb of degree “很”. Such as when you want to give an affirmative answer to the question like “中国菜好吃吗?”, you should say “中国菜很好吃。” not just “中国菜好吃。”

The affirmative form of this sentence is:

subject + 很(hěn) + adjective

The negative form is subject + 不(bù) + adjective

or you can also add “很”in front of “不”——“很不”to make the tone stronger.

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