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I can read Chinese characters

Can you write Chinese characters after learning with us. Today we are going to learn how to talk more about Chinese character 汉字.

New words

写 xiě to write

汉字 hànzì Chinese character

字zì character, word

怎么 zěnme How

读 dú to read

Language points

the interrogative pronoun “怎么”.

这个汉字 + 怎么 + 写?【 How to write this character?】

你的名字 + 怎么 + 读? 【 How to read your name?】

中国菜 + 怎么 + 做?【How to cook Chinese food?】

For these three sentences, they all have the same sentence structure:

noun + 怎么 + verb = How to do sth

In English, you put the pronoun at the beginning of a sentence, , for example:

How to write this character?

In Chinese, the pronoun is before the action you want to ask


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