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What’s the date today

Today you will learn how to ask for and say dates and days.

let’s look at the new words first.

请qǐng (polite) please

问wèn to ask, to inquire

请问 qǐng wèn excuse me

when you want to ask somebody something, you are supposed to be polite, 请问is what you should put before the question to show respect.

今天 jīntiān today

号 hào (for date of month) number

月 yuè month

Jan 一月 yīyuè Feb二月èryuè
Mar三月sānyuè Apr 四月sìyuè
May 五月wǔyuè Jun六月liùyuè
Jul 七月qīyuè Aug 八月bāyuè
Sep 九月jiǔyuè Oct 十月shíyuè
Nov 十一月shíyīyuè Dec十二月shíèryuè

星期 xīngqī week

Monday 星(xīng)期(qī)一(yī)
Tuesday 星(xīng)期(qī)二(èr)
Wednesday 星(xīng)期(qī)三(sān)
Thursday 星(xīng)期(qī)四(sì)
Friday 星(xīng)期(qī)五(wǔ)
Saturday 星(xīng)期(qī)六(liù)
Sunday 星(xīng)期(qī)日(rì)/星期天

Language points

How to express a date in Chinese

月 yuè + 号 hào + 星期 xīngqī

九月一号jiǔyuè yīhào,星期六xīngqī liù

How to say “Monday Jan 1st” 一月一号,星期一

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