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Dialogue 2 and homework

Let's practise how can you ask for and answer the date of yesterday and tomorrow

Dialogue 2

A: 昨天是几月几号?Zuótiān shì jǐ yuè jǐ hào ?what was the date yesterday?

B: 昨天是8月31号,星期二。Zuótiān shì bā yuè sānshíyī hào ,xīngqī èr 。It was Tuesday, August 31st.

A: 明天呢?Míngtiān ne ?What about tomorrow?

B: 明天是9月2号,星期四。Míngtiān shì jiǔ yuè èr hào ,xīngqī sì。It’s Thursday, September 2nd.

Let’s try if you can just read the dialogue in characters.

A: 昨天是几月几号?

B: 昨天是8月31号,星期二。

A: 明天呢?

B: 明天是9月2号,星期四


Today we have learned how to ask the date of a certain day


Try to answer these two questions by searching in your calendar after class.

Q1. 上个月一号星期几?

Q2. 下下个星期五是几月几号?

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