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Is your father at home

How to ask someone's location.

New words

爸爸 bàba father/dad

妈妈 māma mother/mum

哥哥 gēge elder brother

姐姐 jiějie elder sister

弟弟 dìdi younger brother

妹妹 mèimei younger sister

爷爷 yéye grandfather (dad’s side)

奶奶 nǎinai grandmother (dad’s side)

姥姥 lǎolao grandmother (mum’s side)

姥爷 lǎoye grandfather (mum’s side)

儿子 érzi son

女儿 nǚ’ér daughter

Let’s see if you can understand the blow paragraph in characters:

爸爸是爷爷、奶奶的儿子 哥哥是爸爸、妈妈的儿子 妈妈是姥姥、姥爷的女儿 妹妹是爸爸、妈妈的女儿 你是爸爸、妈妈的……

Language points

We have learnt the word“呢”in the previous lesson, do you remember?


Here“你呢”means “你是哪国人?

”“呢” is used after a noun or pronoun, forming a question about the situation mentioned previously, right? A……。 B呢?

In this lesson, …呢? can be sued to ask about the location of somebody or something.

爸爸呢?Bàba ne?=爸爸在哪儿?Bàba zài nǎr? Where is dad?

小 猫 呢?Xiǎo māo ne? = 小 猫 在哪儿?Xiǎo māo zài nǎr? Where is the kitty?

e.g. 我 的 小 狗 呢?Wǒ de xiǎo gǒu ne? Where is my puppy?

我 的 小 狗 在椅子 上 面。Wǒ de xiǎo gǒu zài yǐzi shàngmiàn. My puppy is on the chair.

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