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Chinese characters

Today will learn: 4 Characters: 上 下 本 末; 1 Component structures: enclosure structure; 2 Radicals: 囗 礻

New characters

上 shàng up; above

下 xià down; below

本 běn the root of everything

“本”originally looked like a tree with a dot sign at its bottom, therefore it referred to the root of a tree.

末 mò non-fundamental; secondary


enclosure structure:四 国

The enclosure structure is a structure enclosed on all the four sides.


囗:related to being surrounded or trapped

围 wéi to surround 困 kùn to be trapped

礻:The radical 礻 is a variant of 示, a character usually related to sacrificial rites and one’s fortune.

祝 zhù to wish 福 fú blessing


Please match the characters with the structures.

1.明 2.这 3.国4.怎 5.做 6. 高

A. left-right B. left-middle-right C. top-down D. top-middle-down E. half-enclosure F. enclosure

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