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New words and language points

Let's learn the new words and expressions first.

New words

身体 shēn tǐ body

你身体怎么样?How are you?Nǐ shēntǐ zěnme yàng?

爱 ài to like, to love (negative:不爱 bú ài )

爱看书 ài kàn shū

些 xiē some,a few

一些 yī xiē some; 这些 zhè xiē these;那些nà xiē those;哪些 nǎ xiē which+pl.

水果 shuǐ guǒ fruit

吃水果chī shuǐ guǒ to eat fruit

水 shuǐ water

喝水hē shuǐ to drink water

Language points

We can use the structure 多duō +v.p. to give advice like to drink more water, to eat more fruits, to have more rest

For example 多喝水 means to drink more water. Here 多 means many, much.

多 we have learnt this character in the sentence which is asking others age. 你多大?How old are you?

If you want to give the opposite advice, do something less, you can use 少 shǎo +v.p.

Like 少喝咖啡 to drink less coffee

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