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Let's practise the tone collocation in trisyllabic words starting with the first-tone syllable.

Tones 声调

Tone collocation in words of three syllables: Start with the 1st tone.

星期一 xīngqī yī Monday, 冰激凌bīngjīlíng ice-cream, 星期五xīngqī wǔ Friday, 星期六 xīngqī liù Saturday

清洁工 qīngjiégōng cleaner, 捉迷藏 zhuōmícáng to hide and seek, 吃苹果 chī píngguǒ to eat an apple, 加拿大Jiānádà Canada

高脚杯 gāojiǎobēi goblet, 堆雪人duī xuěrén to make a snowman, 花雨伞 huā yǔsǎn colorful umbrella, 吃米饭chī mǐfàn to eat rice

哈密瓜 hāmìguā Hami melon, 机器人 jīqìrén robot, 拨浪鼓 bōlànggǔ rattle-drum, 医务室 yīwùshì medical room

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