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New words and language points

Let's learn the new words and expressions first.

New words

给 gěi to

打电话 dǎ diànhuà to make a phone call

If we want to say make a phone call to someone, we can use the structure: 给+person. For example, 给我打电话

吧 ba It’s a modal particle that can be used at the end of a sentence to make it an imperative sentence with softened mood, indicating consultation, suggestion, request or command.

Language points

Read telephone number in Chinese. We should read the numbers one by one. pay special attention to the number “1”, in telephone number, it should be pronounced as yāo.

In China a cell phone number always has 11 digits, it is usually read with pauses following the pattern “3-4-4”, such as 138-0107-8866

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