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New words and language points

Let's learn some new words and expressions first.

New words

衣服 yīfu clothes. 买衣服 to buy clothes.

the measure word for 衣服 is 件 jiàn,一件衣服、两件衣服

漂亮 piàoliang beautiful, pretty

啊 a a modal particle at the end of a sentence indicating confirmation

少 shǎo little, few.

不少 bùshǎo quite a few, many, something like 多, for example 不少东西。

这些 zhèxiē these

都 dōu all or both .

It should be placed before the verb. For example: 我们都是学生。

Language points

the modal particle 啊 a

啊 is often used at the end of a declarative sentence to set a mood. But its pronunciation varies with the finals of the word before it.

The detailed rules are in the following form

The final of the syllable before it the pronunciation of 啊
a e i o ü a——ia
u ao ou a——ua
-n a——na
-ng a——nga
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