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Let's practise the tone collocation in trisyllabic words starting with the third-tone syllable.

Tones 声调

Tone collocation in words of three syllables: Start with the 3rd tone.

洗衣机 xǐyījī,普通话 pǔtōnghuà,总经理 zǒngjīnglǐ,火车票huǒchēpiào

史学家 shǐxuéjiā,警察局 jǐngchájú,美男子měinánzǐ,美容院 měiróngyuàn

表演家 biǎoyǎnjiā,小演员 xiǎoyǎnyuán,米老鼠 mǐlǎoshǔ,演唱会 yǎnchànghuì

打字机 dǎzìjī,跑步鞋 pǎobùxié,美术馆(měishùguǎn),打电话dǎdiànhuà

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