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Chinese characters

Let's learn how to write 开,车 and回, also get to know two new radicals.

Characters 汉字

开 kāi

开车 kāi chē to drive a car 开花 kāi huā to bloom

At the very beginning, “开” looks like open doors.

车 chē vehicles; cars

The original shape of “车” is a cart with two wheels for battles.

回 huí to return

The original shape of “回”is like a whirling flow of water, meaning to rotate.

Radicals 偏旁

月: related to human body or flesh moon

服 fú clothes 脸 liǎn face 胃 wèi stomach

扌:related to actions with a hand

打 dǎ to beat with a hand 拍 pāi to pat with a hand


Distinguish the following Chinese characters after class, and make sentences with them after class.

开kāi vs 天 tiān

朋 péng vs 服 fú

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