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New words and language points

Sometimes people do get sick due to the weather, so today we will learn how to express your concern about your friends who was sick.

New words

药 yào medicine, drug

中药 zhōngyào Chinese traditional medicine

西药 xīyào Western medicine

Normally the “吃” is used in the expression “to take medicine” “吃药chī yào”. If the medicine is liquid, the verb “喝” can be used instead of the verb “吃”. 喝药

身体 shēn tǐ body

你 身体 怎么样?Nǐ shēntǐ zěnmeyàng?

我 身体 很 好。Wǒ shēntǐ hěn hǎo.

我 身体 不 太 好。Wǒ shēntǐ bú tài hǎo.

出院 chū yuàn to leave hospital, to be discharged from hospital

你 什么 时候 出 院?Nǐ shénme shíhou chū yuàn?

我 明天 出 院。Wǒ míngtiān chū yuàn.

住院 zhù yuàn to be in hospital, to be hospitalized

他 住 院 了。Tā zhù yuàn le.

我 不 想 住 院。Wǒ bù xiǎng zhù yuàn.

Language points

“adj.+多了”to express the degree of contrast

你 现在 身体 怎么样?Nǐ xiànzài shēntǐ zěnmeyàng?

How do you feel now?

现在 好 多 了。Xiànzài hǎo duō le.

I’m much better now.

今天 冷 多 了。Jīntiān lěng duō le.

It’s much colder than yesterday.

家 里 漂亮 多 了。Jiā lǐ piàoliang duō le.

The house is much more beautiful.

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HSK Standard Course Level 2: 2.1

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