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Dialogue 1 and homework

Today we will learn how to describe something’s ownership and price.

New words

手 表 shǒu biǎo watch

千 qiān thousand

3000 三 千 sānqiān

8400 八 千 四百 bāqiān sìbǎi

¥5000 五 千 块 钱 wǔqiān kuài qián

Language points

“的” can be used after a pronoun, an adjective or a verb in a phrase, to indicate a nominal phrase with its headword omitted.

pronoun/adjective/verb+的+(noun nominal)

这 本 书 是 我 的。(=我 的 书)Zhè běn shū shì wǒ de. (=Wǒ de shū)

This book is mine.(=my book)

这个 杯子 是 昨天 买 的。(=昨天 买 的 杯子)Zhège bēizi shì zuótiān mǎi de. (=Zuótiān mǎi de bēizi)

This cup is bought yesterday.(=the cup bought yesterday)

我 的 房间 是 新 的。(=新 的 房间)Wǒ de fángjiān shì xīn de.(=Xīn de fángjiān)

My room is new.(=new room)

Dialogue 1

A:这 块 手表 是 你 的 吗?Zhè kuài shǒubiǎo shì nǐ de ma?

Is this watch yours?

B:不是 我 的。是 我 爸爸 的。Bùshì wǒ de. Shì wǒ bàba de.

No, it isn’t. It’s my father’s.

A:多少 钱 买 的? Duōshǎo qián mǎi de?

How much is it?

B:三 千 多 块。Sānqiān duō kuài.

More than 3000 yuan.

Let’s try to read it again just in characters.






We learnt the expressions about the daily ownership and the price over 1000.

这 块 手表 是 爸爸 的,三 千 多 块 买 的。Zhè kuài shǒubiǎo shì bàba de, sānqiān duō kuài mǎi de.

Please try to describe the items in your room or on your desk after class.


Item Ownership Price
1. book mine ¥35
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