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New words and language points

Today we will focus on how to describe an item, such as colour and location.

New words

房间 fángjiān room

我 的 房间 wǒ de fángjiān my room

这个 房间 Zhège fángjiān this room

丈夫 zhàngfū husband

女儿 nǚ’ér daughter

儿子 érzi son

爸爸 bàba dad

妈妈 māma mom

旁边 pángbiān beside 房间 旁边 fángjiān pángbiān beside the room

学校 旁边 xuéxiào pángbiān beside the school

真 zhēn really, indeed

真 大 zhēn dà really big

真 好 zhēn hǎo really good

真 漂亮 zhēn piàoliang really beautiful.

粉色 fěnsè pink colour

颜色 yánsè color

一 个 颜色 yígè yánsè one colour

很多 颜色 hěnduō yánsè lots of colours

你 喜欢 什么 颜色?Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yánsè? What color do you like?

Language points

sentence pattern :A旁边是B

学校旁边是银行。Xuéxiào pángbiān shì yínháng. The bank is beside the school.

姐姐旁边是妈妈。 Jiějiě pángbiān shì māmā. Mother is beside elder sister.

Pronoun/noun + 真 + Adjective! We can use“真”to express an exclamatory mood. It means “really or indeed”.

你的房间很大 Nǐ de fángjiān hěn dà. Your room is very big. is a statement of the size of the room without any personal preference

你的房间真大!Nǐ de fángjiān zhēn dà! Your room is really big! is an exclamatory expression with personal preference.

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HSK Standard Course Level 2: 2.1

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