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New words and language points

If you like a kind of food, will you eat it everyday or you will get tired of eating the same food everyday. Let's learn how to talk about this today.

New words

羊肉yángròu mutton

牛肉niúròu beef

猪肉zhūròu pork

鸡肉jīròu chicken

好吃hǎochī delicious,yummy. Literally 好means good and 吃means to eat So 好吃means delicious for food; 好喝Literally means Good to drink

we can get other words with the same structure“好+v”,such as

好看 looks good

好听 sounds good

好玩儿 interesting

面条miàntiáo noodles

We can also say “面”for short. And we can say different kinds of noodles like

羊肉面yángròu miàn mutton noodles

牛肉面niúròu miàn beef noodles

面条很好吃。miàntiáo hěn hǎochī.

Language points

**Reduplication of Measure words:“every/each”. **




When a measure word is reduplicated, it means “every or each” emphasizing that a specific feature is shared by every member in a certain group, and it is usually followed by the adverb “都”.

subject AA 都……
同学们 Tóngxuémen 个个 gè gè 都很高兴。 dōu hěn gāoxìng.
这个商店里的衣服 Zhège shāngdiàn de yīfu 件件 jiàn jiàn 都很漂亮。dōu hěn piàoliang.
这个星期我Zhège xīngqī wǒ 天天tiāntiān 都吃面条。dōu chī miàntiáo.
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