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Dialogue 4 and homework

Today we will learn how to answer the questions with“因为”.

New words

姐姐 jiějie elder sister

她 是 我 姐姐。 Tā shì wǒ jiějie.

小 张 有 两 个 姐姐。Xiǎo Zhāng yǒu liǎng gè jiějie.

他 的 姐姐 很 喜欢 游泳。Tā de jiějie hěn xǐhuan yóuyǒng.

Dialogue 4

A:这两天怎么没看见小张? Zhè liǎng tiān zěnme méi kànjiàn xiǎo zhāng?

I haven’t seen Xiao Zhang for days. What’s going on?

B:他去北京了。Tā qù Běijīngle.

He has gone to Beijing.

A:去北京了?是去旅游吗?Qù Běijīng le? Shì qù lǚyóu ma?

Gone to Beijing? For traveling?

B:不是,听说是去看他姐姐。Búshì, tīng shuō shì qù kàn tā jiějie.

No. Visiting his elder sister, as far as I’ve heard.

Please read it again without Pinyin.





Now try to change the dialogue into a short paragraph.



Review:The interrogative word “怎么” to ask about the reason for something.

这两天怎么没看见小张?Zhè liǎng tiān zěnme méi kànjiàn Xiǎo Zhāng?

Please try to make questions with”怎么” and answer the questions with“因为”with the help of the giving words and phrases. Write down your sentences in Chinese.

For example:

1. 这两天没看见小张 他去北京了
2. 小明没来上课 他生病了
3. 小红不吃了 今天的菜不好吃
4. 姐姐没买那件衣服 她不喜欢红色
  1. 这两天怎么没看见小张?因为他去北京了。




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