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Dialogue 2 and homework

Today we will talk about travel by plane and the conversation on the way to the airport.

New words

机场 jīchǎng n. airport

路 lù n. road,path,way

到 dào v. to arrive,to reach

Language points

The Adverb of Time“就” is used for emphasis, indicating that the speaker thinks something happened early or went fast and well.

So If you’ve arranged to pick up your friend at the airport, your friend will arrive at 11:00, and you arrived at 10:00,that’s quite early, you can say:我十点就到机场了。

Let’s see more examples: The class begins at 8:00, the students came to the classroom at 7:30, we can say 同学们七点半就来教室了。Tóngxuémen qī diǎn bàn jiù lái jiàoshì le.

The airplane is fast, how to say it only takes two hours to arrive Beijing from Shanghai. 上海到北京坐飞机两个小时就到了。 Shànghǎi dào Běijīng zuò fēijī liǎng gè xiǎoshí jiù dào le 。

Dialogue 2

A:你现在在哪儿呢?Nǐ xiànzài zài nǎr ne?

Where are you now?

B:在去机场的路上,你已经到了吗?Zài qù jīchǎng de lùshang, nǐ yǐjīng dàole ma?

I’m on the way to the airport. Have you arrived?

A:我下飞机了。你还有多长时间能到这儿?Wǒ xià fēijī le. Nǐ hái yǒu duō cháng shíjiān néng dào zhèr?

I’ve got off the plane. How many more minutes do you need to get here?

B:二十分钟就到。Èrshí fēnzhōng jiù dào.

In 20 minutes.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.





If you were A, please retell the text by yourself.



The Adverb of Time“就” is used for emphasis,indicating that the speaker thinks something happened early or went fast and well.

同学们七点半就来教室了。Tóngxuémen qī diǎn bàn jiù lái jiàoshì le.

我坐飞机一个半小时就到北京了。Wǒ zuò fēijī yīgè bàn xiǎoshí jiù dào běijīng le.

After class describe three situations that your friends do something early or fast with “就”, for example:


Write down the sentences in Chinese.

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HSK Standard Course Level 2: 2.2

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