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Dialogue 1 and homework

If you have dial the wrong number, what would you hear and what could you say in Chinese? That’s we are going to learn today.

New words

错 cuò adj. wrong, incorrect

对 duì correct

Language points

结果补语 complements of result

Some adjectives or verbs can be used after a verb to add remarks about the result of an action. They are called complements of result.

For example: 这个字我写错了。

If there is object of the verb, the object should be put after the complement of result. Such as

妈妈做好饭了。Māmɑ zuò hǎo fàn le. Mother cooked the meal.

Dialogue 1

A:你好,请问张欢在吗? Nǐ hǎo, qǐnɡwèn Zhānɡ Huān zài mɑ?

Hello!May I speak to Zhang Huan?

B:你打错了,我们这儿没有叫张欢的。Nǐ dǎcuò le, wǒmen zhèr méiyǒu jiào Zhānɡ Huān de.

You’ve got the wrong number. There isn’t a person called Zhang Huan here.

A: 对不起。Duìbuqǐ.

I’m sorry.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.



A: 对不起。

If you were B, please retell the main idea of this dialogue with the words given.

找 zhǎo 打dǎ 错 cuò 没有 méiyǒu 叫 jiào



After class make a phone call to your Chinese friend or Chinese teacher.

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