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How to dissuade or forbid somebody from doing something in Chinese

How to use “不要…了” structure to advise somebody not to do something, or forbid somebody from doing something.

New words

课 kè n. class, lesson

你明天下午有课吗?Nǐ míngtiān xiàwǔ yǒu kè ma?Do you have class tomorrow afternoon?

汉语课 Hànyǔ kè Chinese lesson

第十课 dì shí kè lesson ten

帮助 bāng zhù v. to help, to assist, to aid

对 …有 帮 助 duì…yǒubāngzhù be helpful to..

写汉字对学习汉语有帮助 。Xiě hànzì duì xuéxí hànyǔ yǒu bāngzhù。

Language points

The Imperative Sentence “不要…了”. It is used to advise somebody not to do something, or forbid somebody from doing something.

不要 看电视 了。bú yào kàn diànshì le。

不要 踢足球 了。búyàotīzúqiú le。

不要 喝咖啡 了。bú yào hē kāfēi le。

Dialogue 1

A: 不要看电视了, 明天上午还有汉 语课呢。Bú yào kàn diànshì le, míngtiān shàngwǔ hái yǒu Hànyǔ kè ne。

Stop watching TV. You’ll have a Chinese class tomorrow morning.

B:看电视对学汉语有帮助 。Kàn diànshì duì xué Hànyǔ yǒu bāngzhù。

Watching TV is good for Chinese learning.

A:明天的课你都准备好了吗? Míngtiān de kè nǐ dōu zhǔnbèi hǎo le ma?

Are you well prepared for the lessons tomorrow?

B:都准备好了。Dōu zhǔnbèi hǎo le。

Yes, I am.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.

A: 不要看电视了,明天上午还有汉语课呢。




If you were the boy, please retell the main idea of this dialogue.



Today we talked about doing something is helpful

A对B有帮助 A duì B yǒu bāng zhù

看电视对学汉语有帮助 kàn diànshì duì xué Hànyǔ yǒu bāngzhù

After class please tell at least three things you think is helpful to your Chinese learning and write them down in Chinese.

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