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Dialogue 1 and homework

Have you ever sung with friends in a Karaoke bar? Do you love it? Today we will learn some expressions about singing in a Karaoke bar.

Dialogue 1

A. 王方,昨天和你一起唱歌的人是谁?Wáng Fāng,zuótiān hé nǐ yìqǐ chàng gē de rén shì shéi?

Wang Fang, who was the guy with you in the karaoke yesterday?

B. 一个朋友。Yí gè péngyou.

A friend.

A. 什么 朋友?是 不 是 男朋友?Shénme péngyou?Shì bu shì nánpéngyou?

What friend? Boyfriend?

B. 不是不是,我同学介绍的,昨天第一次见。Bú shì bú shì,wǒ tóngxué jièshào de, zuótiān dì yī cì jiàn.

No. My classmate set me up with him. We met only yesterday.

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.





If you were Wang Fang, try to retell the main idea of the dialogue according to the phrases given on the screen.

和 …… 一起 唱 歌 hé …… yìqǐ chàng gē

朋友 介绍 的 péngyou jièshào de 第一次 dì yī cì

Here is an example:



After class try to describe three photos of your family members or friends who are doing something interesting.

For example:

学 做 中国 菜 的 人 是 我 哥哥。Xué zuò Zhōngguó cài de rén shì wǒ gēge.

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