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Dialogue 3 and homework

Let’s see how to buy fruits and compare the price in Chinese.

Dialogue 3

A:今 天 的 西 瓜 怎 么 卖 ? Jīntiān de xīguā zěnme mài?

What’s the price of watermelons today?

B:三 块 五 一 斤 。 Sān kuài wǔ yì jīn。

Three yuan and a half per 500 grams.

A:比 昨 天 便 宜。Bǐ zuótiān piányi。

It’s cheaper than the price yesterday.

B:是 ,苹 果 也 比 昨 天 便 宜 一 些 。您 来 点 儿 吧。Shì,píngguǒ yě bǐ zuótiān piányi yìxiē。Nín lái diánér ba。

Yes. The apples are also cheaper. Why not take some?

Let’s read it again without Pinyin.





If you were the shop assistant, how to introduce the fruits you sell today in your own words?

For example:



After class, go to two supermarkets to find something you need to buy, make a note of the price and tell your friends if the prices are different.

For example:


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