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Dialogue 4 and homework

Today we will talk about asking and giving directions.

Dialogue 4

A: 请问,这儿离新京宾馆远吗?Qǐngwè,n, zhèr lí Xīnjīng Bīnguǎn yuǎn ma?

Excuse me, is Xinjing Hotel far away from here?

B: 不远,走路二十分钟就到。Bù yuǎn, zǒu lù èrshí fènzhōng jiù dào.

No, it’s about a 20 minutes’ walk.

A: 你能告诉我怎么走吗?Nǐ néng gàosu wǒ zěnme zǒu ma?

Could you tell e how to get there?

B: 从这儿一直往前走,到了前面的路口再往右走。Cóng zhèr yìzhí wǎng qián zǒu, dào le qiánmiàn de lùkǒu zài wǎng yòu zǒu.

Walk straight ahead from here and turn right at the first crossing.

Let’s read it without Pinyin.

A: 请问,这儿离新京宾馆远吗?

B: 不远,走路二十分钟就到。

A: 你能告诉我怎么走吗?

B: 从这儿一直往前走,到了前面的路口再往右走。

Now try to change the dialogue into a short paragraph by yourself.



Let’s have a brief summary. In this lesson we have learnt asking and giving directions.



After class please give directions from your house to the most famous company of your city and say it in Chinese.

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