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What was the band score?

Read these comments on a sample IELTS Speaking test from Cambridge English.
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In Step 2.16 you saw Kyoungae’s sample Speaking test. In this step, there are some comments on her performance – did you think something similar?
When you’re done reading, click the ‘Mark as Complete’ button and move on to the next step, where Nuria will tell you more about the topic for this week: the Academic Reading test.

Examiner’s comments

Overall, Kyoungae is a good, fluent candidate who can express her ideas fully and clearly.
Fluency and coherence
Kyoungae speaks fluently without noticeable effort, and links her ideas well. There is occasional hesitation and she needs encouragement to continue speaking in Part 2.
Lexical resource
Kyoungae has a wide vocabulary, which enables her to talk confidently and at length. She has some good idiomatic vocabulary items, and is able to paraphrase when she cannot think of the exact word she wants.
Grammatical range and accuracy
Kyoungae has a good and effective range of grammar structures, and her sentences are frequently accurate. She still has some grammar errors such as in the use of articles.
Kyoungae has occasional problems with individual sounds. However, she is easy to understand throughout the interview, and has good rhythm, and uses stress and intonation well to make her meaning clear.

Overall band score: 7

© UCLES 2018
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