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Welcoming you to the course

We welcome you to this course! This video introduces you to our teaching team and course contents.

Welcome to our “Intercultural Communication” course! This week introduces the scope and focus of our five weeks together and explains how understanding the topics covered might affect your intercultural encounters.

In our globalized, internationalized, and interlinked world, it is becoming increasingly apparent how complex each of our respective cultures are! Interculturally, communication is confusing, and sometimes even contentious! Our opportunities for cross-border interactions are increasing at an incredible rate, due to more media exposure, international travel, virtual interaction, and chance encounters.

The looming question is, “How can we comprehend and prepare for the increasingly complicated and challenging situations that we might face?”
To address these issues, we have developed this course in Shanghai, a pulsating example of today’s fast paced, culturally-mixed, ever-morphing metro environments. Chances are at some point you will find yourself interacting with someone from one of the world’s dynamic cities, from some part of China, or other unknown or potentially confusing cultural contexts. This course aims to help you be more ready for such encounters.
Over the next five weeks, we will focus on:
  1. comprehending intercultural communication,
  2. contextualizing cultural identities,
  3. comparing cultural communication styles,
  4. clarifying and contrasting values,
  5. cultivating intercultural adaptation.
In covering these topics, we sometimes use “intercultural” or “cross-cultural” interchangeably, but both are generally aimed to address interpersonal encounters between people from two distinguishably different cultural backgrounds or contexts.
With each of us having 20+ years of teaching, research, and international experience, we hope these topics will help you become more cross-culturally aware, interculturally sensitive, and competent. We’ve found that learners gain most when they make comments, read the diverse posts from others and reply to other learners.

A certificate is available on this course

As for your gains, if you complete the majority of the steps in this course, you will be eligible to purchase a Statement of Participation, a personalised certificate in both digital and printed formats – to show that you’ve taken part. So let’s get started in working toward our shared goals of learning together in this course!
We’re eager to know what you are looking forward to in this course. Please leave a comment about why you are taking the course.
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Intercultural Communication: Dynamics of cultural identities in global interaction

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