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Outlining learning objectives

What do you expect? The course learning objectives are listed here.
© Shanghai International Studies University

What do you expect? Reflecting on the course design in light of your experiences, needs, and expectations is important for gaining the most from the coming weeks. The course learning objectives and a Survey invitation are presented here for your consideration.

Upon completion of this five-week online course, we hope that you will:

  • see the need and importance of learning and exploring intercultural communication
  • develop an awareness of your own cultural identities and an appreciation for others’
  • be able to recognize cultural variations in communication styles
  • understand how categories of cultural values might underlie different behaviors
  • become more aware of culture shock and how we can become adaptable in intercultural interactions
Which of these topics seem most interesting or relevant to you? We’re looking forward to knowing how this course might meet some of your felt needs or expectations, and those of our learner community. Please share your comments and reply to others as this contributes much to our learning experience!
Some past learners have found it helpful to consider survey questions related to their predispositions about intercultural interaction and learning before and after the course.

Survey Invitation – considering your progress and assessing intercultural learning

The SISU Intercultural Institute (SII) is carrying out research to assess intercultural growth and understand how people relate to others in our current contexts in 2020.
Would you like to take part in an optional research study?
Yes or No? (If NO, thank you and you can skip this part below)
If YES, please read the explanation then click the link below:
We invite all Learners to take part in an optional study to help us understand how intercultural interaction in this course might lead to increased awareness and understanding. Our data collection follows GDPR guidelines, is stored anonymously, and accessed responsibly only by a small group of researchers working with our SISU Intercultural Institute. We intend to explore links to intercultural contact theory and in what ways online learning facilitates change. The SISU Intercultural Institute will not share the collected anonymous data with any outside party.
To take part in the study, please click the highlighted link below. It should take around 15 minutes to complete. We invite you to also take the follow-up POST test when you FINISH the course (watch for Step 5.14). Thank you for help in advancing social science research!
To take part in the study [click here]

Your responses in the study will not be linked to your FutureLearn identity or your course activity. The specific details requested are for the sole purpose of MATCHING your pre-test with the post-test. Findings will appear in an academic article and results will be shared with later FutureLearn courses. In any such report your identity will not be disclosed. Our SISU institute’s Privacy Policy on data protection adhering to GDPR can be found on our webpage.

For questions regarding this research, please contact us

Thank you very much,

Dr. Alex English (, Lead Educator Steve Kulich

Please note that this is an independent research project carried out by the Shanghai International Studies University Intercultural Institute and your participation is subject to the University’s own policies and terms. FutureLearn takes no responsibility for the contents or the consequences of your participation in this study. Your participation in the research has no effect on your course progress, marks or FutureLearn profile.

© Shanghai International Studies University
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Intercultural Communication: Dynamics of cultural identities in global interaction

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