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Welcome to the IFP Business mini-course

A short overview of the IFP Business. Helen introduces the first week, Academic English, led by Daniel.
Hello. Welcome to The University of Law and our short introduction to the International Foundation Program for Business. My name is Helen Connies-Laing, and I am the National Director for International and Pathway Programs here at The University of Law. My job involves developing programs for students from all over the world, and I really enjoy working on projects that enhance the student experience overall. I’ll be here with you throughout this course, but the main content will be delivered by my colleagues Daniel, Anastasia and Papa, who deliver the IFP-Business at our London Bloomsbury campus and also online.
We’re very pleased that you’ve chosen to try this short FutureLearn course, which will not only give you a taster of the IFP-Business, but will help you to improve your knowledge and skills too. The course is structured over three weeks. In week 1, you will study critical reading and note taking with Daniel, who will also help you to consider an issue from different perspectives when forming your own opinion. Then in week 2, Anastasia will teach you some key concepts around international trade, and you will learn about the theories and practice involved when deciding where, how, and when a business operates. In week 3, Papa will introduce you to research methodology.
He will show you how you can use your numeracy skills to design a specific research tool to investigate a problem in your chosen area of business. Daniel, Anastasia, and Papa will keep you on track over the three weeks with discussion posts, as well as videos and quizzes, where you can test your skills and knowledge. We hope that you’ll find the course useful, and that it inspires you to study business in the next step of your academic journey. When you have finished this course, you may also be interested in our IFP for Law mini course. The program is very similar to the IFP-Business as it also includes academic English and Research.
However, instead of business, there is a section on Concepts of Law. Specifically, the impact of law in our every day lives and the interplay of law and morality. Why not give it a go? Anyway, I think we’re now ready to start the IFP-Business course. I hope you enjoy it.

This course provides a taster of the University of Law International Foundation Programme.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be better able to:

• Apply critical thinking and reading skills to both general and business topics • Make effective notes and develop basic arguments
• Explain the benefits and drawbacks of international trade, protectionism and different business environments
• Conduct research using effective sampling and questionnaire design

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Introduction to Studying Business

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