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Introduction for lesson 2

A brief introduction into the learning outcomes of lesson 2. This lessons focuses on expanding our C# knowledge with conditionals and loops.
Hello, everyone. And welcome back to another video tutorial for our Introduction into Programming and Unity. In this video tutorial, we will be covering the outline for our second lesson worth of content. So if we move on to the next slide here, we can see the content that we should be able to cover in our second lesson here. So the first one is going to be learning the common functions that will help you solve most of your problems in code, learn how to break down complex problems into a set of instructions, and use these instructions to create our own code, and then run, test, and fix until we can get our code working.
So we’ll be going over the basics of a lot of Unity’s and Visual Studio’s basic functions, as well as some of the most commonly used programming statements and functions that we need to use to solve most of our problems. We’ll also learn how to break down problems so we can create our own algorithms and, in turn, create our own code and such for that. So please stay tuned, and jump onto the next lesson. [AUDIO LOGO]
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Introduction to VR Programming, Design, and Unity

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