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Introduction to Week 1

Introduction to Week 1
Hi, this is week one. I’m going to introduce you the topic of maintenance through various questions. Why? What maintenance is important? What it is. When it should be performed. How it should be performed. Who should perform it. And measures should be performed. Let us look at the topic of why, why maintenance is important, why one should think about maintenance and this will be covered under this topic through various. Topics like a pill. I’ll be presenting using a film, I’ll be giving you a text material to read it and to get you a deeper understanding of the topic. There’ll be some quiz. You’ll be asked to answer that.
This topic, number one, then it is also very, very important to know what is this thing called maintenance. We have to have a general understanding what is maintenance and what is not maintenance. So topic number two in my presentation this week will be what? So I’ll be giving presenting it through film.
I’ll be giving you a text to read it.
And of course, you will get some quiz and some questions to get a deeper understanding what is maintenance and what is not maintenance.
Once we have learned why and what about maintenance, then it is very important to know when maintenance should be performed and so that we should not do perform it too late or too early. So this topic is very, very critical and this is number three. I’ll be presenting it using the film.
I’ll be giving you text material to read.
And of course, there’ll be quiz so that you get a deeper understanding of this topic, when to perform maintenance. Once we have seen why maintenance is important, what it is, when it is to be performed. The question remains how should we perform it? How should we execute the maintenance? And that will be covered during this topic. Number four. How. that it will be also seeing who should perform the maintenance. So I’ll do it myself or somebody else should do it or. And where it should be performed in my workshop, in my home, in front of my garage or at the workshop. This question we’re giving here. And again, you’ll get this presentation material through film.
You’ll get a text to read and also you’ll get quiz so that you get a deeper understanding of this area of howonce we have finished all the work. And if you’re interested in getting some grade getting a diploma certificate, you’ll be getting an examining quiz at the end of the week. If you answer that, we’ll be very happy to give you a diploma that we have understand what is this thing called maintenance?
Oh, I forgot one very important thing during the course, you’ll have a possibility to communicate with your peers using discussion forum. Let us just start.

Welcome to the first lecture to the course, Introduction to maintenance.

In this week 1, we will go through:

  • Why maintenance should be performed?
  • What is maintenance?
  • When maintenance should be performed?
  • How, who and where should be performed?
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Introduction to Maintenance Engineering

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