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Changing the message through selective focus

Changing the message through Selective Focus.
A person holding a round framed lens near a tree during daytime
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Selective focus is an interesting tool to direct the viewer’s eye to the main point of interest in our photo.

Close up of a man holding a smartphone and a white business card

Selective focus will dictate a message in an image. Take a look at the image above. Our attention is drawn to the white card (the product). This is because the card is in focus and everything else is blurred. If however, the man in the image was the primary point of interest, we would choose his face as the focal point and blur everything else. This would draw the eye to his face and the emotions he may be experiencing. So, with the same composition we can change focal points and we have two different messages. One is the product and the other is the emotions expressed by the man.

Now its your turn.

Choose a composition with different elements in perspective and take several photos where the only thing that changes is the focal point of your image.

Examine how the message changes as you shift the focal point.

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