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Please take a look. Here we have a selection of books made in East Asia. The first one here is from China. It is made of bamboo paper (chikushi), which was the most commonly used variety in China for books. This large one here is from the Korea Peninsula. It is made of a type of paper called kōzogami in Japanese, which is thick and extremely sturdy.
Then these ones here, including the one I am holding, are Japanese books. As you can see from the writing styles, the color, the patterns used to decorate them, and then here, as you see, from the variety of colors used, there is a wide variety of different papers. This variety is a characteristic of Japanese books but where does this variety come from? The answer is a combination of different raw materials, different production methods and different binding techniques. In this course, we take an in-depth look at the various papers used in traditional Japanese books.



book index

  1. 通鑑紀事本末、1257、中国
  2. 白氏文集(香山集)、七十一巻 朝鮮刊本 十七世紀後半頃カ 袋綴 15冊
  3. 僻案抄 13 (1471)
  4. 源氏物語系図、江戸初期
  5. 詠歌大概、室町時代中期
  6. 三十六人歌合,〔江戸前期〕写 綴葉装 一帖
  7. 玉かつら、16世紀末-17世紀初頭
  8. 歌仙金玉抄, 二巻 天和三年(一六八三)刊 袋綴 二冊
  9. 堀川院百首和歌, 〔江戸前期〕写 袋綴 一冊


動画には、日本語の字幕が用意されています。 字幕を有効にするには、動画プレーヤーの吹き出しアイコンにカーソルを合わせ、[日本語]を選択します。 ここでは「字幕オフ」を選択して無効にすることもできます。 ※一部動画では[英語]もお選びいただけます。 video screen


すべてのテキストと字幕情報が入ったPDF(日本語版)が、各週はじめのステップのDOWNLOADSセクションにリンクされていますのであわせてご覧ください。[1.1] [2.1] [3.1]

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古書から読み解く日本の文化: 和本を彩る和紙の世界

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