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[No narration with this video] Hisako Uchimura is a traditional Hosokawa papermaker. At her workshop located in Chichibu, Saitama, she will show us how to make paper. First, she’s making neri, a starchy substance by pounding the roots of an aikiba plant (tororo-aoi) and soaking it in the water. The liquid coming out by straining it through a cloth becomes neri that then works as the dispersant. This is suki-bune, a papermaking boat. The fibers made from mulberry are put into water in the boat then, after using a tool to stir well. Next, she adds the neri which she prepared before and once again stirs the mixture well. Next, the su, a flexible screen on sugeta, settles to make a papermaking mold.
Sugeta is hanging from the bamboo bar above the sukibune. Neri helps fibers to be distributed in the water evenly. She draws water multiple times to make layers of fibers. The more water she draws, the thicker the paper becomes. Afterwards, the sugeta is taken out from the mold, and the finished, wet paper is piled up. Don’t worry about the piles of papers sticking together. That is also a result of the neri. This was the process of the nagashizuki style. Next, you will see tamezuki style. First, settling a flexible screen settles on the mold. In this style, Ms. Uchimura draws water only once and then strains. neri is not used with the tamezuki style.
The finished wet paper is put between clothes to prevent sticking. The next step is drying. The wet papers are put on the stainless dry board.
The completed papers will be sold in the market with the stamp of authentication as official Hosokawa paper.


第2段階 紙を漉く




動画には、日本語の字幕が用意されています。 字幕を有効にするには、動画プレーヤーの吹き出しアイコンにカーソルを合わせ、[日本語]を選択します。 ここでは「字幕オフ」を選択して無効にすることもできます。 ※一部動画では[英語]もお選びいただけます。 video screen





2種類の漉き方: 流し漉き、溜め漉き

papemaking (左)図1 流し漉き (右)図2 溜め漉き




第3段階 乾燥





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