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Playing “In Your Own Sweet Way” in root position

Playing "In Your Own Sweet Way" in root position
Let’s have a look at playing it in root position.
Remember there’s 2 ways we can play it: we can play it colla voce - out of time - and we can play it in time. Let’s, first of all, just go through the chords. I mean I’ve given you an example of the chords - you don’t have to just play this There’s a Ray chord there, we’ve got a flat 9 and a flat 5
We do the same thing there, and then C minor
then A flat minor
Then the middle 8, we’ve got a flat 5 here
and then, I don’t know how to get it in
You probably don’t need the B flat in the A chord because you’ve got it in the tune. And then
Some people play a G sharp chord here, and sort of - I don’t know really
maybe a diminished
There’s a sus that is resolving - that shape I told you about for C
Then I’m going to play a pedal A flat and A flat sus and D flat major over the top.
We’re talking about question and answer and so the question and answer I’m going to play at the beginning
and then I’m going to do some dominant pedalling
so there’s a dominant pedal of F because we are in B flat. Similarly, we can do a dominant pedal on the next bit.
Notice how I am getting the chords to agree. In the third bar the first (part of the) tune is on the “and”, and I’m playing
making the chords agree and then if I want to come down here, probably need to play the chords in root position.
OK, dominant pedal? John Taylor does a lot of dominant pedalling in the middle of this
or staying on the (A)
and then dominant pedal
Let me have a go now, and I might do some bits where, occasionally, I might roll the chord. I might put in some um-chicks and some chick-ums. I don’t really know because I haven’t decided how I’m going to play it, but what I do know is that I’m going to get to the interlude and I’m going to play that in time. So I think I’ll play the tune colla voce, I’ll play the interlude in time and then we’ll see if we can pick up into the playalong.

Playing “In Your Own Sweet Way” in root position out of time before playing it in time with a playalong.

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