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Turnaround using a playalong

We illustrate the Turnaround in C using a playalong.
What I want to do now is to use a playalong to show you a turnaround in action. Really all I want to do is to persuade you that the one major scale works with all 4 chords. There isn’t an Aebersold playalong for what I want to do here, where I want to stay in one key. The Aebersold playalongs are more to do with changing keys which is what we’re going to look at a bit later on. I’m going to use a track I produced from iReal Book.
If you don’t have iReal Book it doesn’t really matter because all I want you to do is to play these voicings, get used to playing these voicings and persuade yourself that the major scale works over all of them. So, for example, if we take the lower voicing, 1,2,3,4, and then add the right hand in C major. I’m just going to do that with a playalong because it sounds better.
So remembering a bar is 1,2,3,4 - so these are split bars - 2 chords to a bar. Now let’s do the same thing using the upper voicings. The upper voicings for this key are a bit high, so it does force the hand a bit up the piano, but nonetheless it is still acceptable, I think.

We illustrate the Turnaround in C using a playalong.

You can download the typical use of Turnaround (in C) in PDF format at the bottom of this step.

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