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Bienvenue dans le cours de français !

Introduction to the course.
Hello and welcome to this French online taster course developed by the Mother Language Center at King’s College London for learners at beginner stage. In this online taster course you learn how to read, how to understand and how to use French in everyday situations. During these two weeks, you will read texts and listen to dialogues, do some quizzes to consolidate the grammar and vocabulary, and listen, repeat words and structures to improve your pronunciation. You would use the comment section to answer questions, write, speak and reply to the other participants. During this course you will meet three characters. Lucy, Zach and John are neighbours and live in Paris.
They just met and we’ll get to know them as they get to know one another. Who knows, they may remind you of some of your friends!
Throughout the course, you will have access to useful tools and apps such as transcripts and glossary. In order to make the most of these scores, try to study regularly and in a quiet environment. Share and collaborate with other participants. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. The course is flexible. It allows you to study at your own pace and go back to each section. We hope you enjoy this course. If you want to continue learning French and would like to know what will happen to our three characters, look out for ten weeks microcredential course. Merci et bon cours.

Welcome to the course! This is your first step (1.1).
(Bienvenue dans le cours !)
Note that in French the following punctation markers ( ! ? : ) have a space before and after.

Watch this video. Jérôme Bertherat and Cyril Bastanès from the Modern Language Centre at King’s College London present the course.

In the comments section (in pink):

1) Introduce yourself in French as shown in the example below.

Je m’appelle John Smith. Je suis de Manchester (Grande-Bretagne). (My name is John Smith. I am from Manchester (Great-Britain)). Listen

Write or record yourself using Vocaroo and upload it in the comments section). Look for the name of your country in the online dictionary WordReference

2) Tell us in English about your motivations to follow this course.
I want to study French because …

Remember: when you finish each step, click the button ‘mark as complete’, and then click to next step (Instructions for learners).

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