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Olá Amigo! (Hello friend!)

Learn, discover and study Portuguese language and culture of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, etc. Watch Mr. Jamian Mohamad more.
Hi again and we continue to teach how to greet each other. When we greet, the first word we say is “Olá”. Cheek kissing is normal for Portuguese people between men and women. Handshakes are also normal in Portugal between men. “Olá” is a common word in Portuguese when you meet someone for the first time. It means “Hi” or “Hello”. You can use it either in formal or informal situations. After that, you can continue to greet “Good morning” or “Bom dia”. “Good afternoon”, “Boa tarde”. and “Good night”, “Boa noite”. So, “Bom dia” is “good morning”. B.o.m is “bong” not “bom”. It’s like you pronounce the word “song” in English. The alphabet “m” in the last syllables is not pronounced.
“Até já” is “see you soon” ( in a few minutes). “Até logo” is “see you later”. “Até amanhã” is “see you tomorrow”. “Até próxima semana” is “see you next week” and “Até próximo ano” is “see you next year”. To say “goodbye”, you can say “Adeus”. or the most popular is “Tchau!” like in English “bye bye”.

When you want to greet your friends and colleages in informal situation, you just say Olá followed by the name.

However, in formal settings, you can use either Bom dia, Boa tarde, or Boa noite followed by the name with title such as Professor + male name, Professora + female name, Doutor + male name, Doutora + female name).

There is a slight difference in the pronunciation of final syllables of the word tarde and noite between Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil. In Portuguese of Portugal, the final syllable tends to be silent and unstressed. However, don’t worry about the difference. Just speak and people in Portugal are happy to see you willing to learn Portuguese language. The most important thing is you greet them and smile!

Até já!!

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