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Hi, and welcome to this Future Learn open course Life below Water. My name is Dr. Christofer Clemente, and I’m a research scientist at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Together with our team of researchers, I will be with you throughout this course. The University of the Sunshine Coast has a team of highly specialised researchers who study every aspect of life below the water. Recently, USC achieved an impressive third place ranking in the world for life below the water in the 2021 Times Higher Education impact ranking of universities. So come with us on an incredible journey as we explore life below our oceans, lakes, and rivers.
In week one, we’ll explore the biodiversity and ecology of creatures below water from coral reefs, underwater forest, mangroves and freshwater streams. In week two, will examine the form function and evolution of these animals, understanding how their shape, physiology, ecology and reproduction has adapted to life in this environment. In week three, we will investigate the impact humans have had on aquatic species, understanding the effects of overfishing, plastics, and climate change on species survival and movement. And finally, in week four, we will explore some of the solutions to these problems from using drones to monitor change, feeding seaweed to cows, and how citizen science can contribute to our understanding of the amazing diversity of life we see below the water

Welcome to life below water. This video will give you a short introduction on what to expect over the next few weeks and the educators who will be guiding you on our journey to learn all about the amazing world below the water.

In week 1 we will learn about the biodiversity and ecology of life below water. We will be led by Dr Kathy Townsend, Dr Andrew Olds, Dr Chris Henderson, Dr Alexandra Campbell and Prof. Cathy Yule.

In week 2 we will explore the form function and evolution of the animals that live in this environment. We will be led by Dr Christofer Clemente, Dr Christine Dudgeon, Dr Ross Dwyer, and Dr Andrew Olds.

In week 3 we will determine the impact humans have had on this ecosystem, and what some of the consequences of climate change might be. This week will be led by Dr Bonnie Holmes, Dr Kathy Townsend, Prof David Schoeman, Dr Ben Gilby, and Dr Kylie Scales.

Finally week 4 will showcase some solutions to be problems, with short videos by Prof Nick Paul, Dr Javier Leon, Dr Kathy Townsend, Dr Ben Gilby and Dr Libby Swanepoel. You can find links to their websites below.

Dr Alexandra Campbell

Dr Christofer Clemente

Dr Christine Dudgeon

Dr Ross Dwyer

Dr Ben Gilby

Dr Chris Henderson

Dr Bonnie Holmes

Dr Javier Leon

Dr Andrew Olds

Prof Nick Paul

Dr Kylie Scales

Prof David Schoeman

Dr Libby Swanepoel

Dr Kathy Townsend

Prof Cathy Yule

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Life Below Water: Conservation, Current Issues, Possible Solutions

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