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Developing your Careers Learning Journey

Key questions to consider when you are planning careers learning in your subject.
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Building up a Careers Learning Journey is not something that will happen overnight, but will develop over the years as you refine your career learning approach.
In an ideal world, a Careers Learning Journey for one scheme of work, will consider the journey for that class, which in turn will feed into a bigger journey map for that cohort and, ultimately, the whole school or college. This requires the support and collaborative effort of multiple teachers.
To get started, we are going to focus on a single class or year group that you teach. There are lots of different ways we could map out the Careers Learning Journey but the important point to consider is progress – how does learning build on previous learning? We’ve provided some different examples to help you but you might want to structure your design around the small changes we outlined earlier.
  1. How and when will you incorporate examples of jobs, people, industries or companies?
  2. How and when are you making explicit links to the essential skills used in the topic?
  3. How and when are you contextualising the learning with local and/or contemporary issues?


This example is a loose representation, but might be the first draft of a Careers Learning Journey you work on with colleagues or add to as you make small changes through the year (also available as a download at the bottom of this step):
Careers Learning Journey represented visually. Each term represented as a box, surrounded by circles showing examples from industry, skill links and local/global context. Skill links are connected to show progression.


This example is more structured and uses the three small changes from Week 2 to plan how careers learning can be embedded in a scheme of work (also available as a download at the bottom of this step):
Careers Learning Journey represented as a table. Each row is a term. There are four columns showing scheme of work topic, examples from industry, skill links and local/global context.


Create your Careers Learning Journey in any format you prefer. The idea is that this is a resource that demonstrates your thinking about how careers and curriculum learning are linked, and the progression of careers learning through the different opportunities you have embedded within your teaching.
Upload your ideas to the Careers Learning Journey Padlet, stating which age group, subject and topic it relates to.
If you create your Careers Learning Journey in Word, PowerPoint or another program, Save As… a PDF document before uploading to Padlet. You can also take photos using your mobile phone and upload to Padlet, if you’ve created a hand-drawn Careers Learning Journey. We look forward to seeing them!
Padlet is like an online pin-board where you can upload your documents. You do not need to register an account to post to Padlet. Please note that Padlet is a public space, so do not include personal data, confidential information or images of students or others. Guidance on how to use Padlet.
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