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The studio

Describe the studio
First there is a desk and a violet chair, with four legs with wheels on.
Under the chair is a round rug with circles on: the outer circle is green, the next is red and the middle circle is orange. On the table there is a flexible lamp and next to this a green printer. At the top, hanging on the wall, is a cork board covered in pieces of paper. The frame of the cork board is brown and the surface is grey. To the left of the desk, there is a piece of furniture which has a lamp on formed by three violet rods with a yellow light on each.
The piece of furniture has four spaces: in the top-left there are books with no clear arrangement; one of them is orange. Right next to this is a pile of books, the top one of which is violet and one below red. In the spaces beneath there are a few other books, and next to the bookcase there is a white rubbish bin. On the other side of the desk there is a larger bookcase with lots of spaces, some of which have books in. Some that are standing vertically are blue, others that lie horizontally are orange. On the ceiling there is a round yellow light.
In this video Santi describes the studio of a house. Could you try to describe the same space in a different order? For example, starting from another point of the room.
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